Fitmania Carnival 2023 serves as a dual-purpose initiative to combat drug abuse.

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Video:Aiman Arif Hamdan

IPOH: The Fitmania Carnival 2023 held at Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park (Padang Polo) here recently served as a dual-purpose initiative for Malaysian Anti-Drug Association (PEMADAM) to attract various groups especially youth to combat drug abuse.

The program organized by the Perak Community Fitness Welfare Association (PKKKP) in collaboration with Perak PEMADAM and the state government was packed with various activities and attractive exhibition booths.

Starting from 7 in the morning until 12 noon, the program was packed with activities such as aerobic exercises, tai chi, Tabata exercises, coloring contests, clown performances, and mini games for both children and adults.

Additionally, there was an exhibition featuring the sale of products or services related to fitness and healthy nutrition.

Among the interesting activities, visitors also had the opportunity to participate in a ‘health talk’ session with the renowned bodybuilder Sazali Samad.

The Chairman of the Communication, Multimedia, and NGO Committee of Perak, Mohd Azlan Helmi, stated that the program, within the context of PEMADAM, serves as an effort to raise awareness among the community about the dangers of drugs and promote healthier outdoor activities.

“As we can see in this program, we had exhibition booths from AADK (National Anti-Drug Agency) showcasing various information about prohibited substances that should be avoided.

“Through collaborative programs like this, we hope to capture the attention of visitors to participate in and adopt healthy activities and lifestyles.

“This program serve to create dual-purpose awareness among the public to stay fit and away from drug-related activities,” he said during a press conference after officiating the program here recently.

Helmi said, besides that, various other related agencies including the Narcotics Crime Investigation Department also participate in raising awareness among visitors.

“In addressing this drug issue, it doesn’t rely solely on one entity AADK.

“With the collaborative program involving PEMADAM and various NGOs, it is hoped that it can convey messages to the people about drug abuse that can destroy someone’s life,” he said.

According to him, about 300 participants and visitors around Padang Polo attended the program.

He added that the state government and PEMADAM will continue to collaborate in the future to make programs tos target various levels and groups.

“Previously, we successfully organized an explorace program involving students from Institution of Higher Learning and private higher education institutions.

“Today’s program targets the general public, and next year we will organize four or five more programs with PEMADAM involving the youth,” he said.

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