EWRF Lighting a Path to the Future

by KT Leong
Photos by EWRF

The Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation (EWRF) Malaysia, Ipoh Branch, are organising a Post SPM Career Path and Motivation Programme at Dewan Sri Kandi at SMK Sri Puteri, Sungai Pari, Ipoh, on December 13, which will run from 8.30 am to 1 pm. The speaker for the event will be Mr. Segaran, a EWRF Project Manager.

Founded in 1978 as a non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO), EWRF is dedicated towards serving the marginalised, vulnerable and impoverished communities in Malaysia by empowering underperforming and socially challenged students.

For instance, in addition to the upcoming event at SMK Sri Puteri, the EWRF Ipoh Branch had recently conducted a Career Guidance Programme on November 30 at SMK Sungai Pari Buntong, Ipoh. The speaker there was also the EWRF Project Manager, Mr. Segaran, but also present to grace the programme were Mr. Balarama, the SMK Sg. Pari headmaster, Mr. Yogeswaran, who coordinated the programme with EWRF Ipoh Branch, Mr. Prabhakaran, the EWRF Ipoh Branch treasurer and also Mr. Sylverster Dhas who is both the National Vice President and the EWRF Ipoh Branch Chairman as well.

Because EWRF Ipoh Branch believes the students to have the capability and knowledge to be showcased to the outer world; to help these students from dropping out, EWRF Ipoh Branch organised for 60 Indian students to turn their paths around and gave them an opportunity through the Career Guidance Programme.

EWRF Ipoh Branch has a purpose, which is to show the students that there are many opportunities for success even beyond Form 5 by raising awareness among SPM Students about the need of completing tertiary education in order to continue in a lineage of acquiring a stable profession.

In the interest of their children’s future, parents of students at SMK Sri Puteri should encourage their children to attend the upcoming programme mentioned at the start of this article.

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