Viral bus hit motorcycle stopped at the stall: Trader has been penalized several times

By Aida Aziz
Photo viral

IPOH:The stall involved in the viral video of the accident between a bus and a motorcycle in Taman Klebang Putra here last Monday has been subjected to enforcement action several times.

The matter was explained by the Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, who emphasized that the traders are still stubborn and continue to operate their businesses in that area.

“Roadside vendors selling steamed rice with temporary tents are not licensed by the Ipoh City Council.

“This stall vendor has faced MBI’s actions twice, but still continues to operate there.

“They are unlicensed traders, and it’s acknowledged that there are many such traders in Ipoh city.

“MBI has shown consideration, especially due to the previous COVID-19 pandemic, with a sense of generosity and compassion.

“But if this area indeed poses a threat and risk, we will take appropriate action,” he said when interviewed by reporters here today.

Furthermore, until yesterday in that area, a total of five stalls were seized, two vendors were fined, and 20 notices were issued for them to dismantle their stalls.

Meanwhile, Chief of Ipoh District Police, ACP Yahaya Hassan, announced that they received a report regarding an accident involving a bus and a motorcycle in that location last Monday.

He mentioned that two men were injured after their motorcycle was hit from behind by the bus.

However, the bus driver and three school passenger students did not suffer any injuries.

“The investigation found that the 59-year-old bus driver from SMK Tasek Damai was heading towards Klebang Restu to drop off passengers.


Upon reaching the scene, the bus experienced steering failure and attempted to brake but lost control, colliding with the motorcyclist and passenger.

“At that time, they were stopped on the left roadside to buy food from the stall,” he said when contacted.

Yahaya said, the cause of the accident was due to the bus experiencing damage to the steering.

Furthermore, the case is classified according to Rule 10 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 (Rule 10 LN 166/59).

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