Early Christmas for Papan dogs

IPOH, 22 December 2023 — In the spirit of the festive season, students of Quest International University (QIU) played their part in illuminating the lives of forgotten dogs at the Papan landfill.

In a ceremony at the university, the QIU Student Representative Council presented a cheque of RM1,000 to PapanSouls – ensuring that no dogs go hungry this Christmas.

The landfill dogs, often forgotten and left to fend for themselves in harsh conditions, face numerous challenges such as malnutrition, disease, and the risk of being hit by vehicles. Recognizing the urgent need to address this issue, QIU collaborated with PapanSouls, extending a helping hand to support their mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming these resilient canines.

Beyond a mere fundraising effort, QIU’s collaboration with PapanSouls, formalised in early 2023, is a spirited and long-term commitment that transcends academic boundaries.

Prof Dr Adeline Kok, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences at QIU expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to community engagement, compassion, and utilising our resources for the betterment of society. Together with PapanSouls, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of these forgotten animals.”

Students and staff at QIU have wholeheartedly volunteered their time in caring for the dogs, displaying the university’s dedication to community, compassion, and positive social impact. In addition to that, the Communication students have PapanSouls integrated as part of their assignments so that they are exposed to experiential learning and have practical hands-on projects.

Keshturi Sivam, Founder & President of PapanSouls, expressed happiness about the collaboration, saying, “By combining our passion for animal welfare, we believe we can make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals and inspire positive change in our community.”

QIU’s journey with PapanSouls began in 2020 via a “Pay to Spay” fundraising programme, leading to continued engagement and interactions. Spearheaded by the School of Communication, this revitalised collaboration is poised to be a structured, long-term partnership.

Adeline emphasised, “QIU aims to provide individuals the skills and tools to positively shape their lives and mobilise the masses to effect virtuous change in societies, and this collaboration is apt for this purpose.”

Community outreach is a key element of the collaboration, as QIU and PapanSouls join forces to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, the importance of adopting rescued animals, and the prevention of animal abandonment. Together, they are creating a brighter future for both dogs and the community they serve.

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