Kampung Simee Home for the Aged

A Refuge of Hope & Family

by Anne Das

Many arrived with stories of loneliness, having weathered the storms of life with no hand to hold. Some were once on the streets, their silhouettes blending into the backdrop of a busy world, their voices lost in the cacophony of urban life. But here, within these walls, they found more than just shelter; they found a family.

Founded in 1952 by the dedicated Rev. Fr. Anthony Khaw, the KG SIMEE Home for the Aged opens its doors to everyone in need. Regardless of race or religion, the Home has been a sanctuary for the elderly, providing them with a sense of belonging and dignity.

December Birthdays Shines Bright at KG SIMEE Home for the Aged
(photo credit -Tony Oon)

The Home’s journey began in a modest single-story wooden structure in Kg. Simee. Over the years, it has evolved, embracing modernity while staying true to its core mission of care. Today, the Home boasts two modern 3-storey buildings, replete with necessary amenities, ensuring that more elderly individuals can find comfort and solace here.

Currently, the Home is a sanctuary for 39 residents, supported by a dedicated team of 12 staff members and 3 regular volunteers. However, as with any establishment, there are challenges. Block A, built-in 1998, requires significant repairs due to wear and tear. Recent improvements, such as the repainting project and enhanced privacy measures, highlight the Home’s commitment to its residents’ well-being.

YB Howard Lee and YB Jenny Choy Clap Along with Residents and Carollers, Spreading Cheer and Festive Spirit at KG SIMEE Home for the Aged.

Ipoh Echo had the privilege of attending the Home’s Christmas festivities, which radiated warmth and joy. The OMPH Carollers serenaded the gathering with the Christmas classics, infusing the room with festive spirit and unity. Notable figures like YB Howard Lee and YB Jenny Choy graced the occasion, enhancing the celebratory mood. As melodies resonated and laughter echoed, the true spirit of community came alive.

The Energetic CCR- OMPH Carollers, Dressed in Festive Red, Spread Joy Through Music with Classic Christmas Favourites at KG SIMEE Home for the Aged.

Santa’s visit wasn’t merely about presents; it symbolised the warmth and care the residents now bask in, thanks to the community’s unwavering support.

Santa Claus Delights Elderly Residents with surprise gifts at KG SIMEE Home for the Aged.

While the Home has achieved many milestones, it also faces challenges.  Its commitment to its residents remains unwavering, as evidenced by recent improvements like the repainting project and enhanced privacy measures in the dormitories.

A Community Call to Action: Your Support Matters

The Home’s noble mission is sustained by the generosity of the community. With the operating cost for 2024 amounting to RM 618,000.00 and many pressing maintenance needs, every contribution is vital.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty  – Mother Teresa

How You Can Contribute :-

Financial Contributions:  Donations can be made to PUBLIC BANK BERHAD, Account Name: PUSAT JAGAAN RUMAH ORANG-ORANG TUA (PKK) SIMEE, Account Number: 3104221914. Tax exemption receipts are available for donations above RM100.00.

Volunteer: Your time and skills can make a significant impact. Volunteering opportunities are available, providing residents with companionship and fostering a sense of community. For more information on how you can help, here are the details below.

Address          : Pusat Jagaan Rumah Orang-Orang Tua (PKK) Simee
Lot. 157862 Block A, Jalan Kompleks Sukan 31400, Ipoh
Office Number : 05 – 5473252
Email    :

Elderly residents light up with gratitude as they receive gift bags, reminding them they are cherished and not forgotten.

The Kampung Simee Home for the Aged is a refuge for the most vulnerable in our community. As we reflect upon its storied history and the countless lives it has touched, let us rally together, ensuring that this Home of hope continues to shine bright, giving the aged in our community a place to call home till the end of their days.

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