41 road intersections closed in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Taiping Town

By Aida Aziz

TAIPING: A total of 41 road intersections in Taiping will be closed in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Taiping Town on December 31.

The Chief of Taiping District Police, ACP Razlam Ab Hamid, stated that the closure of these intersections will start at 6 in the evening and is expected to end at 10:30 at night.

“The Taiping District Police Headquarters will close the roads for the Taiping 150 Celebration parade.

“The parade will begin at the Taiping Heritage Square, moving along Jalan Taming Sari until Jalan Idris (Ng Dental Clinic).

“Subsequently, parade participants will enter Jalan Kota, Jalan Esplanade, passing in front of the Taiping Municipal Council Hall, and will conclude at the Taiping Heritage Square,” he said in a statement here today.

Razlam added that the road closure will be opened gradually after the procession is completed.

In relation to that, he said, the public is advised to cooperate and follow the police instructions, and to plan their journey in advance using alternative routes to facilitate travel.

Streets and areas involved in road closures are as follows:

– Jalan Tamingsari / Jln Muzium (tutup hala ke Padang Esplanade)
– Jalan Temenggung /Jln Kelab Lama (simpang kuarters Peg. Kanan Polis)
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jln Alang Ahmad
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Manecksha
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Ong Saik
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Lim Tee Hooi
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Lim Teong Chai
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Panglima Ah Chong
– Jalan Tamingsari / Halaman Pasar
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Chung Thye Phin
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Yusuf
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Abd Jalil
– Jalan Tamingsari / Jalan Idris
– Jalan Idris / Jalan Pasar
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Idris
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Iskandar
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Chung Thye Phin – Jalan Kota / Halaman Pasar
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Lim Teong Chye – Jalan Kota / Jalan Tupai
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Lim Tee Hooi
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Ong Saik
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Sultan Abdullah
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Manecksha
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Alang Ahmad
– Jalan Kota / Jalan Tokong
– Jalan Kota / Lorong Taman Tasik (tutup hadapan MCD)
– Jalan Esplanade / Jalan Kelab Baru

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