10,000 visitors enliven the Semarak Taiping 150 Program, revisiting the phenomenon of five decades

By Aida Aziz
Photo credit: pix drone MPT

TAIPING: Nearly 10,000 visitors flooded the Heritage Square here to liven up the Taiping 150 Celebrations last night.

The event, one of the main highlights, was organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Taiping in 2024.

Attendees were not only treated to various multicultural performances but also a parade involving 31 agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and school marching bands.

Taiping Member of Parliament, Wong Kah Woh, stated that this celebration was one of the largest ever since the last one 50 years ago.

“Such a program was one of the biggest events five decades ago, in 1974 when Taiping celebrated its 100th anniversary. We had grand programs and parades back then.

“50 years later, as we approach the 150th anniversary, we are bringing back the festive atmosphere many experienced 50 years ago.

“Taiping is the oldest town in Malaysia, reaching the age of 150 years on January 20, 2024. At the same time, it also celebrates its 33rd anniversary in the country,” he said.

He made these remarks to the press after concluding the Taiping 150 Celebrations last night.

On January 20, 2024, Taiping will officially celebrate its 150th anniversary, established through the 1874 Pangkor Agreement.

With the sealing of that agreement, the name Klian Pauh was changed to Taiping, originating from the Chinese word ‘Tai-Peng’, meaning everlasting peace.

Meanwhile, a visitor, Edmund Raj Anndi, said that the 150-year age of the heritage town could serve as a benchmark to ensure iconic buildings are well preserved.

“We can see the government actively developing iconic places here. However, I hope important historical buildings are well taken care of. Nevertheless, we can see many positive changes in terms of tourist arrivals in Taiping,” he said.

Grace Ng, a native of Taiping, expressed her hope that the town could provide better job opportunities while developing the local economy.

Currently residing in Penang, she also hopes Taiping can grow in line with its wealth and historical heritage.

Ranie Khairudin mentioned that there are still heritage buildings that appear neglected and not upgraded.

“My husband and I are originally from Sarawak and have been living here for 10 years due to work. For me, Taiping has its own unique charm, in terms of weather and landscape.

“However, if possible, the Taiping Zoo should improve its services and the variety of animals. Recently, when I visited, I found there weren’t many animals, and it was not very appealing to visitors,” she said.

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