RM1,000 Fine for Illegal Dumping in Ipoh

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The Ipoh City Council (MBI) strongly condemns the actions of a handful of urban residents who irresponsibly dispose of illegal waste, tarnishing the cleanliness of their respective areas.

This deplorable behaviour reflects a lack of love and concern for the city of Ipoh, demonstrating a disregard for civic responsibility.

In response, MBI issued a stern warning that individuals found dumping illegal waste in the city will face stringent actions from MBI authorities.

In an official statement, MBI announced the implementation of an RM1,000 fine, without appeal, for those engaging in unlawful waste disposal within Ipoh under the Road, Drainage, and Building Act.

This measure is deemed necessary to curb the irresponsible actions of some city dwellers, which have negatively impacted the image of Ipoh.

“It undermines MBI’s efforts to instil the ‘Ipoh Bestari Sejahtera’ culture, which serves as the council’s slogan.

“Such behaviour must be halted immediately, as it sets a detrimental precedent. As residents of Ipoh, we play a crucial role in upholding moral and civic standards,” the statement read.

This strict enforcement aligns with MBI’s ongoing commitment to making Ipoh the cleanest city in Malaysia, as well as a model local authority.

Throughout the past year, MBI has tirelessly cleaned 120 illegal dumpsites a total of 5,073 times, issuing 1,214 compound offers amounting to RM498,750.

Additionally, MBI has conducted 49 community cleanup activities and installed 1,485 small signage and 185 large ‘No Littering’ signs throughout Ipoh. The responsibility for maintaining a clean city lies not solely with MBI but requires the active involvement of all stakeholders.

With these measures in place, it is hoped that Ipoh will achieve its goal of becoming the cleanest and most prosperous city in Malaysia.

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