A car got stuck in a manhole, public urges authorities to monitor the issue of covering defective manholes

By Aida Aziz
Photo Azstore Ipoh

IPOH: A car got stuck in a manhole due to poorly maintained road infrastructure.

The incident occurred near Public Bank in Silibin today.

The incident was shared in a post on Facebook by a user ‘Azstore Ipoh.’

Netizens informed that the cover of the manhole has been damaged since last year, and despite repair work, the same problem persists.

“The cover fell down. Location in front of Public Bank Silibin.

“Ipoh City Council (MBI) needs to monitor the hole cover in the paid parking area,” wrote the user in the post.

Meanwhile, in the comment section, many agreed that such risky situations are widespread in Ipoh.

A Facebook user, Zaharon Mat Deli, wrote, “MBI only monitors unpaid parking, that’s fun.”

While Dalilah Hamka claimed, “This hole has been dangerous since last year. Once there was no barrier around the hole, no cover, if pedestrians fall in, it’s a disaster.”

Abdullah Pklah commented, “It was repaired last year, and at the beginning of the year, it’s back to the same.”

It is hoped that the authorities take this seriously, not only at that location but throughout the state to ensure that no worse incidents occur.

The issue of stolen manhole covers should also be considered, thinking of the best ways to prevent it from happening again.

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