Komuniti Siaga 221 a step in the right direction

By Yeap Ming Liong
Associate Captain, Civil Defence Force of Malaysia

The Civil Defence Force’s recently launched Komuniti Siaga 221 programme is a step in the right direction. The objective of the programme is to equip urban residents with emergency training ahead of receiving help from the relevant security agencies.

Early intervention knowledge and skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be lifesaving in times of emergency. Yes, there is no doubt that urban residents are near to emergency services. However, emergency services might be affected by traffic or any unforeseen circumstances.

Early medical attention can make the difference. Hence, I strongly urge everyone to show your support for the programme which is in its trial phase in Rawang, Selangor.

Throwing your support does not only mean supporting the Komuniti Siaga 221 programme, which is also a continuation of 2022’s Kampung Siaga 221 programme aimed at preparing rural dwellers with knowledge to face disasters such as floods, but it is also by standing in solidarity with members of the Civil Defence Force of Malaysia.

Now, it is regrettable to note that some members of the public are oblivious to the fact that there is a Civil Defence Force in Malaysia although the force recently celebrated its Platinum anniversary.

In the same breath, I ask for members of the public to also register as Civil Defence Volunteers, where you will be given training from first aid to rescue operations among other things. Professionals in their respective fields can also contribute their expertise to the force.

In fact, the Civil Defence Force has long encouraged involvement of all levels, through the establishment of Civil Defence Emergency Response Teams (CDERT) in government agencies, statutory bodies, the private sector and also communities. This has been ongoing for years now in the hopes to encourage preparedness in facing emergencies or disasters.

Make no mistake, I am not only carrying a flag for the Civil Defence Force of Malaysia, but all of Malaysia’s finest who have tirelessly given their all in the name of King and Country.

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