The complaint about damages in DUN Manjoi has been resolved

By Zaki Salleh
Photo ADUN Manjoi

IPOH: A small issue but significant in the eyes of the people

Any complaints related to urban problems such as damaged roads, clogged drains, or broken concrete drains need the attention of the authorities.

If such matters are not addressed, people have to reluctantly use damaged facilities.

For example, in the State Assembly constituency (DUN) of Manjoi, the issues faced by the people in that area have been resolved optimally.

Sharing this concern, the Manjoi Assemblyperson, Hafez Sabri, mentioned that even though the matter may seem small, it becomes significant when it involves the people.

He stated that the Manjoi ADUN Service Center has collaborated with the villagers and all relevant authorities regarding public complaints.

“We have followed up on all complaints with the relevant parties and agencies to resolve these issues.

“This is to expedite the repair process for the safety and harmony of the community,” he added.

According to Hafez, a total of 15 tasks have been carried out so far, addressing public complaints about damages.

These tasks include repaving potholed roads, repairing broken pipe channels, painting and upgrading road bumps, fixing drains, and constructing culverts

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