Willy Nilly motorcycle parking causing inconvenience to other users

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The irresponsible act of motorcycle owners parking their vehicles in haphazard manner in designated car  parking spaces is causing inconvenience for other users.

This situation occurs daily in the parking area opposite a workshop on Jalan Lapangan 11 here.

Complainant Mohamad Ridzuan Zakaria said motorcycles should be parked in a different area to allow vehicle owners to use the designated parking spaces.

“This situation happens every day because there are rows of shops here, including a laundromat. Moreover, motorcycle owners park their vehicles as they please in a disorganized manner,” he stated.

Retiree Syed Mustakim Syed Mokhtar also voiced his concern, about facing difficulties as car parking spaces are occupied by motorcycles. A  frequent visitor of nearby eateries, he has to park his car farther away.

“I’m not sure if the authorities conduct patrols because each parking space is designated for a single car only. I don’t want to confront the issue, as it might lead to conflict since people generally don’t like being confronted.

“My advice to motorcycle owners is to park your motorcycles elsewhere and consider the needs of other users,” he added.

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