St. Michaels Institution’s Wellness Excursion with Cycledios

by Anne Das

St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) in Ipoh has been at the forefront of promoting student mental health and wellness through outdoor activities. Continuing their commitment to holistic education, this year, the school participated in the Cycledios “Pilot project for schools,” a collaborative initiative aimed at working with schools in Perak to enhance students’ well-being through outdoor excursions.

SMI students eagerly make their way to the Cycledios ‘Taman Seenivasagam Station, ready for a day of outdoor adventure.

The event, held at Taman DR, saw the enthusiastic participation of 250 students and teachers from SMI. Among them were Desmond and Christopher, both 16-year-olds, who were tired but happy. After cycling for two hours around the park, they expressed their enjoyment of the event and how it fostered a sense of camaraderie among the students. This sentiment highlights the social and emotional benefits of outdoor activities, as well as the sense of community they promote.

Desmond and Christopher (L -R) Posed for Ipoh Echo after a Fun Day of Cycling around the park with their year mates.

Camees Foong, CEO of Cycledios, expressed her delight in partnering with SMI for this event, stating, “We believe that outdoor activities play a crucial role in promoting physical fitness and mindful living among students. By collaborating with schools within our community, we aim to encourage more educational institutions to embrace outdoor excursions as an integral part of their holistic approach to education.”

The benefits of cycling and outdoor activities for schools are manifold. With existing infrastructure such as beautiful parks and bicycles readily available, schools can easily incorporate these activities into their curriculum. Furthermore, Cycledios offers exclusive deals for schools interested in organising such activities, making it a cost-effective and accessible option for educational institutions across Malaysia.

Teachers and counsellors join in the fun, ensuring a safe and memorable day for all SMI students at the cycling event.

Puan Hj Adhariah, Head Counsellor of St. Michael’s Institution, echoed similar sentiments, emphasising the importance of such activities in enhancing student well-being. She remarked, “The cycling excursion with Cycledios was a wonderful opportunity for our students to not only engage in physical activity but also to appreciate the beauty of nature. Events like these contribute significantly to our efforts in promoting mental wellness among our students.”

Participating students also had the opportunity to learn about road safety and cycling on roads during the excursion. These types of activities not only promote physical fitness but also teach kids social responsibility, as they learn to navigate and share the roads safely with others.

Post-ride smiles and camaraderie. Students and teachers gather for a group photo, capturing the joyous spirit of the day’s cycling adventure.

Synergy such as this, emphasises the importance of prioritising students’ mental health and wellness through outdoor activities. With the infrastructure and resources readily available, schools are encouraged to explore opportunities for excursions, enriching the educational experience and nurturing holistic development among students.

Ready to ride?  The Cycling Kiosk at Taman Seenivasagam offers a convenient starting point for outdoor enthusiasts looking to pedal through its scenic trails with Cycledios.

For schools interested in organising similar activities, please contact Camees Foong at Cycledios for more information @ 013-5999133.

As for the Public, the station at Taman D.R Seenivasagam is in operation. Anyone can ride!

See operation hours below:-

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays               : 8:30am – 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday        : 10:00am – 6:00pm (Thursday: Closed)

Cycledios is a local smart bike rental company that promotes family activities and tours. The company also offers other services, including the Ipoh Heritage Cycling Tours in Old Town. For more details and bike rentals, visit their website at

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