Ipoh becomes a CERIA city where residents enjoy happiness, prosperity.

By Aida Aziz
Photo MBI

IPOH: Various efforts are being made to ensure that Ipoh achieves its target of becoming a ‘CERIA’ city, said the Mayor, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin.

He explained that CERIA stands for Canggih (sophisticated), Ekonomi (economic) , Rahmah, Inklusif (inclusive) and Aman (peaceful).

Rumaizi stated that the focus of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for this year is to ensure that various initiatives benefiting Ipoh residents, centered on happiness and well-being, are implemented.

“In addition, to achieve the goal of moving towards a ‘human-centric’ city, strategic steps need to be taken to empower the community and ensure social justice.

“What is more important is the commitment of MBI residents to continue understand and support MBI’s focus on creating a vibrant city.

He also hopes for the support, cooperation, and team spirit from MBI residents in advancing and ensuring that municipal services can be carried out more effectively.

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