Cups of coconut water in Teluk Batik sold at expensive price

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Illustration

LUMUT: What is the price a cup of coconut water sold by hawkers?

Typically, hawkers, including night markets and farmers’ markets, sell a cup of coconut water for RM3 or RM5 for a large plastic cup.

Meanwhile, the price of a whole coconut is also RM5 per pack with coconut content.

However, there are hawkers in Teluk Batik accused of selling a cup of coconut water for RM6, which are described by visitors as excessively expensive.

“I always buy a coconut by the roadside for RM5, but the tragedy in Teluk Batik is truly shocking. COCONUT WATER CUP @ RM6!

“How can people go there when the prices are like that? In my opinion, the actions of the hawkers are excessive. When confronted, they get angry, but they should think for themselves, don’t exploit people with excessive profits.”

“What if the buyer is a child from a large family or comes from a less privileged family, wouldn’t it be pitiful…I definitely won’t want to buy any drinks or food at Teluk Batik anymore,” the commentor said.

Is the same situation also faced by the general public visiting that tourist location?

If so, you can share your comments on it.

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