Pink taxis on Pangkor Island may disappear due to operations of unauthorized car and motorcycle rentals

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The issue of the proliferation of illegal car and motorcycle rentals has caught the attention of Pangkor State Assembly Member, Norhaslinda Zakaria, as it poses a threat to the livelihood of taxi drivers on the resort island.

She voiced this concern during a session of the Perak State Assembly, urging the authorities to take notice.

The pink taxis are an icon on Pangkor Island, providing taxi services for decades.

They also serve as ambassadors, introducing Pangkor Island to tourists.

“Pink taxis charge as low as RM10, while touring the island in a van costs only RM100.

“These prices adhere to the regulations set by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

“However, pink taxi drivers are currently facing issues due to the proliferation of illegal rental cars and motorcycles,” said Norhaslinda.

According to her, the operations of illegal car and motorcycle rentals have caused taxi drivers’ income to decline by over 60 percent.

This means that if taxi drivers used to earn RM100 per day, it has now dropped to RM40 per day.

In the current situation with the rising cost of living, this amount is very meager.

Usually, during the holiday season, they could make around RM600, but now it’s difficult. Currently, there are about 100 pink taxi drivers. If appropriate action is not taken, we fear that the tourism icon of Pangkor will disappear,” she said.

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