Online Community in Ipoh Commends MBI’s Demolition of Illegal Structures, Calls for Firm Action

BY: Zaki Saleh
Photo: Illustration

IPOH: The Ipoh City Council’s (MBI) action in demolishing illegal structures in residential areas has garnered praise from the online community in Ipoh, with calls for continued crackdowns.

This comes as many areas, especially in residential and industrial estates, harbour illegal structures, some of which serve as trading spaces for foreign residents.

The presence of these illegal constructions not only tarnishes the city’s landscape but also give rise to other issues such as cleanliness, congestion, and unlicensed business activities.

In response, Ipoh residents are urging the enforcement actions taken at Pangsapuri Panorama Lapangan Perdana to be extended to other areas.

Public servant Syarifah Zainuri Ahmad Ridzuan stressed that MBI must remain resolute and not yield to the owners of these illegal structures.

“I commend MBI’s action in demolishing illegal shops at Pangsapuri Panorama Lapangan Perdana. I also urge monitoring of the flats in the Bercham area, facing a supermarket. Illegal structures are also present there,” she stated.

Nurse Kelly Ng echoed the sentiment, urging authorities to inspect illegal constructions in the Bandar Siber area adjacent to a petrol station.

She expressed concerns that unlicensed business activities may proliferate, making enforcement challenging.

Suzzana Ali shared a similar view, highlighting the emergence of unlicensed businesses run by foreign residents.

“Authorities need to survey the Pengkalan area, where many foreign traders operate without permits. This isn’t just about humanity; we don’t want Ipoh’s image tarnished by clusters of unlicensed foreign traders.

“If locals are protecting them, action must be taken. Authorities must diligently perform their duties,” she emphasized.

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