‘Miker Buffet Ramadan Balik Kampung’, Affordable treat for Ramadan.

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Occasionally celebrating iftar outside with family during Ramadan is an appreciation for loved ones.

Many seek budget-friendly yet comfortable places with delicious food.

Miker Buffet Ramadan Balik Kampung at Miker Signature, Bazar Ipoh Silveritage, is a choice with affordable prices.

At RM45 for adults, RM40 for seniors, and RM28 for children and differently-abled individuals, it’s among the lowest in Ipoh.

Featuring Malay village cuisine, the dishes are tasty and cater to various preferences.

The location of Miker Signature at Silveritage is very comfortable with cool air-conditioned space and features elevator and escalator facilities.

It also provides prayer room facilities for visitors to perform prayers after breaking their fast.

Parking at Silveritage is ample, avoiding congestion issues.

A total of 50 dishes, including main courses, are served every day for Miker Buffet Ramadan Balik Kampung, including stalls offering fried and grilled dishes.

Among them are fried terung with shrimp paste, spicy tamarind beef, spiced chicken, green chili belado catfish, creamy prawns, and sambal eggs.

Malay cuisine is incomplete without various kerabu and pickles such as mango kerabu, selom kerabu, jackfruit kerabu, and kerabu perut taugeh.

Complete the flavors with salted fish with onions, fermented fish, durian paste sambal, Miker sauce, and shrimp paste sambal, with a choice of butter rice or buah kulim rice.

Desserts include bubur kacang hijau, bubur pulut hitam, sago, and assorted kuih and fruits.

Miker Signature accommodates 200-300 customers at a time.

The Ramadan buffet runs from March 15 to April 8, and for reservations, contact 010-3733 003.

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