Aggressive promotion of Silverlakes Village Outlet, accelerate outlet opening

By Aida Aziz

BATU GAJAH: Although many business activities have not yet opened in the commercial area of Silverlakes Village Outlet (SVO) here, a survey found that many people visited the area during the weekend.

However, it can be seen that many people come to review what is provided there, including outlets that have started operating, but it can be said that until now not many have opened.

There are several shops such as sports goods, branded shoes, clothing, and others operating there, becoming attractions.

It is acknowledged that the surrounding atmosphere is still quiet and gloomy, not busy like a business district area, many outlets are still not fully opened.

One visitor from Putrajaya, Samsul Muhammad, said that there are many advantages at the location, including the convenience of the KTM behind it, and there are also many tourist spots in the surrounding area.

“I came here to buy sports goods, it seems the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is more relaxed.

“In the northern region, this is the only one in a strategic location. If on the West Coast, places like Johor have Johor Premium Outlet and Pahang has Genting Premium Outlet.

“I think this is a good opportunity for Perak for economic progress. Prices seem cheaper here.

“So far, many shops haven’t opened yet, but if everything is opened and the promotions are good, many people will come. I hope the relevant parties including the state government are more aggressive in introducing SVO, it can progress,” he said, who came with his wife, Hasliza Syed Hamid.

Meanwhile, Amirin Aiman Samsul Rijal believes that although it was previously stated that the outlet here would be opened in February this year, it doesn’t seem to be as advertised.

He who resides in Batu Gajah said that he has visited there several times with his family.

“I often come here because I always buy sports goods, the prices are cheaper and it’s not easy to find sports shops in this area. It really facilitates the public.

“For me, in terms of marketing and promotion, perhaps there’s less emphasis on SVO. Maybe their target isn’t the locals but rather visitors from outside.

“If this shopping center is truly successful, it can progress. And it’s not a remote area, this is the main route to Ipoh and so on, it’s not hidden,” he said.

Previously, many questioned the current state of SVO, which still appears bleak with many outlets not yet operational. This situation has sparked questions from netizens on social media about its fate and future.

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