30 Signboards Highlight Traditional Villages, Popular Filming Locations in Kuala Kangsar

By: Aida Aziz

KUALA KANGSAR: The presence of 30 new signboards along the banks of the Perak River here not only impacts tourism but also highlights several famous areas that have served as locations for local and international film shoots.

The initiative, driven by the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council (MPKK), should serve as an example for other local authorities in the state.

At least the presence of these large signboards can change the perspective of visiting tourists, while showcasing several traditional villages in the area.

According to the Secretary of the Perak Heritage Association, Nor Hisham Zulkiflee, the installation project of the 30 signboards began at the end of last year.

“The signboards cover villages and locations that have been used as shooting spots for both international and local films.

“It also coincides with the River Cruise Sungai Perak project there. The signboards are quite large, and when visitors take the boat ride, they can see the highlighted attractions,” he said when met.

Nor Hisham added that such infrastructure is crucial in promoting heritage-based tourism.

“Some have been installed while others are still in the process of installation.

“It’s good because it can revitalize historical tourism along the riverbanks. Villages with historical value can also be highlighted for public attention.

“Each village has its own products and historical narratives. In this way, we can stimulate the local economy,” he added.

However, he said, for future improvements, MPKK could add further information such as narratives on these signboards.

“Many have given positive feedback, but some also want more storytelling on these signboards.

“If people visit these locations without a guide, at least there is information displayed about the historical stories on each signboard.

“It is hoped that with these signboards, they will be well-maintained from time to time to prevent them from being neglected and overgrown with weeds,” he added.

Among the locations covered by the signboards are Kampung Seberang Karai, Kampung Kuala Parit, Kampung Kandang Hilir, Kampung Sayong Lembah, Kampung Jenalik, Kampung Sayong Tebing, Kampung Senawar, Kampung Bendang Kering, Bukit Chandan.

Kampung Padang Changkat, Kampung Tanah Lepan, Kampung Menora, Kampung Buaya, Kampung Enggor, Kampung Jamuan.

Kampung Kledang, Warung Pak Jabit, the filming location of 18 Puasa telefilm, Zombie Kampung Pisang, and Anna & The King.

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