Drivers complain of congested roads, poor facilities on highways

By: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: Severe road congestion on highways, inadequate facilities at rest stops.

That’s the feedback received by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic from netizens who generally express dissatisfaction with the quality of facilities on highways.

Most of them are users of the North-South Expressway (PLUS) who travel during the Eid al-Fitr holidays, whether heading north or south.

They allege that PLUS has not made adequate preparations to handle the influx of vehicles, resulting in the same problems occurring repeatedly.

The congestion on the highways from the second day of Eid until today could have been addressed if PLUS had conducted a risk assessment.

User Syed Tarmizi Syed Aminuddin said posting traffic reports on social media alone is not sufficient because PLUS does nothing to alleviate congestion.

“PLUS must know the causes of congestion, such as on certain routes or at entry points to rest stops, and do something to alleviate traffic.

“Allowing users to be stuck in congestion for hours on end is unreasonable.

“They should be more prepared,” he said.

Expressing anger is Siti Aminah Haya, who said the facilities provided at rest and service areas and rest stops are inadequate.

“The problem of long queues to use toilets still exists. Although temporary toilets are provided at some locations, it is still not enough.

“Toilets are dirty, some are clogged. There are no prayer room facilities at rest stops.

“The same goes for facilities at petrol stations, some do not have water supply.

“Now with the increase in the number of vehicles multiplied several times, during this festive season PLUS should anticipate an increase in users,” she said.

Sharing the same sentiment is Samsudin Jaafar, who describes PLUS as having no plans to deal with the holiday season.

“PLUS should make preparations during this festive season, at the Gurun rest area heading south there is no water, and the toilet bowls are full of faeces and smell.

“Rest area facilities are for use during normal days, so when the festive season comes around the same problems recur.

“Millions of people face the same issues on the highway during the festive season,” he lamented.

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