Impressed by Chinese residents repairing roads to facilitate shortcut usage

By: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: The traffic congestion on highways during this Aidilfitri holiday season has left behind various stories and incidents.

However, an intriguing tale was shared by Facebook user Zairul Anuar about his family’s experience using a shortcut or “rat route” as an alternative.

In his post, he recounted his journey back with his family to Kuala Lumpur on the festive day from Simpang Pulai heading south.

Due to heavy traffic conditions, he decided to re-enter through the Gopeng interchange to take the inner road.

Throughout the journey, he relied on the Google Maps application.

As he approached Ladang Bikam, the Google Maps app alerted him to severe congestion and suggested an alternative route.

Taking that route, his vehicle was led through a village road, eventually reaching a small residential area.

“After passing through that housing area, we ended up on an untarred road, entering a dark oil palm plantation.

“We continued the journey slowly. We saw several cars from the opposite direction, and they stopped beside us, informing us that the road ahead was impassable.

“They directed us to turn back. All the cars behind us were also asked to do the same,” he narrated.

After turning back, he returned to the residential area before his car was suddenly stopped by a group of Chinese men.

“Boss, you’re heading to KL, right? Don’t turn back. You couldn’t pass through the road ahead, right? No worries. We’ll bring a backhoe to repair that road. Just wait a moment.

“If you turn back, it’s useless. The road to Ladang Bikam is heavily congested due to an accident. Once you exit this road, don’t follow Ladang Bikam, follow the Bidor road until KL,” said a middle-aged Chinese man.

The area was a Chinese residential area.

They had collectively agreed to help facilitate the passage of vehicles passing through that residential area.

At the same time, he saw a backhoe swiftly passing them from the opposite direction.

He then turned back towards the road as directed, and upon arrival, the road was almost ready for passage.

“This is just a quick job. The road has a slight incline, and ordinary cars find it difficult to pass, only 4WD can. Now, we’ll make it even, so everyone can pass. But there’s no internet on this road,” said a man there.

He expressed his gratitude for the caring attitude of the residents there in helping to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic, especially for the Malay community returning from the village to Kuala Lumpur.

“They came out of their homes together to help.

“The distance of the journey through the oil palm plantation is approximately 3 kilometres.

“The people of Perak’s Chinese community are amazing. ‘Power’. This is the true Malaysian spirit,” he said.

(Facebook post by Zairul Anuar)

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