Mud flood at Taman Chepor Impian: Residents demand explanation and compensation from developer

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: Residents of Taman Chepor Impian in Chemor here are seeking clarification from the developer and demanding compensation for the damage caused by the mud flood that occurred on Tuesday.

Committee Member of the Taman Chepor Impian Residents Association, Roslan Abdul Aziz, alleges that the flash floods and recurring mud incidents were caused by a new housing project in the nearby area.

He explained that 12 houses were inundated with mud and garbage, affecting three lanes in the park.

“The flash mud flood has occurred twice in the same year, and so far, we see that it is caused by the housing development next to this park.

“I have met with subcontractors; they said they would label the road next to this park, clean the drains, and clean up the area temporarily.

“The estimated property damage cannot be assessed yet because it just happened, but I understand that many houses were flooded with mud, causing inconvenience to residents.

“We have filed a police report, and if the developer does not respond, we will take further action,” he said on Wednesday.

He said they want to arrange a meeting with the developer, the Ipoh City Council (MBI), and residents’ representatives to ensure that the issue does not recur.

“We want to meet with MBI and the developer, besides demanding compensation for the affected victims.

“For the time being, we will clean the mud in the affected lanes ourselves; we also ask for assistance from Puncak Emas to borrow a water jet for this work.

“Thank you to Puncak Emas for coming to help even though they are not involved in this matter,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nourashikin Yusoff, who has been living there for 20 years, said such a disaster had never happened before.

“As far as we know, the water comes from the housing project being carried out nearby. The first time, the water rose to the knee, but now it has reached waist level.

“Some houses were flooded through the sewage system from toilets.

“We are waiting for action from the developer and a solution; you could say that everything in the house is damaged. Even cars were flooded; now we are in the process of cleaning the house,” she said.

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