The power of viral, Ahmad Kusaimi’s fate finally gets attention

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: The fate of an elderly man who was reported sick, abandoned, and living alone in a dilapidated shop-house building on Jalan Datok here has finally received appropriate attention.

According to the Chairperson of the Women’s Development Committee, Family, Community Welfare, Cooperative Entrepreneurial Development of the state, Datuk Salbiah Mohamed, Ahmad Kusaimi Mohamed Shaharuddin, 82, has been placed in Seri Kenangan Home, Ulu Kinta.

She explained that the elderly man was brought by the District Welfare Office of Kinta District with the assistance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

“Pakcik Kusaimi, who is sick and abandoned, has been placed in RSK Ulu Kinta under Section 3 (2) of the Disabled Persons Act (AOP) while the complete report is being prepared,” she said on Monday.

She further stated that the state government also expressed appreciation to NGOs, media, and individuals who came forward to assist the man.

“The government highly appreciates all cooperation and reports provided to ensure that further action can be taken.

“Since 2023, continuous efforts have been made to eradicate hardcore poverty, and the numbers are decreasing.

“Aid and information from the people regarding marginalized groups like this are important in ensuring that no family or individual is left behind,” she said.

Previously, the media reported on the difficult life of Ahmad Kusaimi, who was sick and abandoned in a dilapidated shop-house building, besides being unable to afford rent anymore.

Previously managing a business near Medan Kidd here, he could no longer work and lived alone without any source of income.

He was only left abandoned in his room, and fortunately, a friend known as Zul came to deliver food in the morning and evening.

If it weren’t for his friend, who knows what his fate would be, unable to move anywhere and needing to wear disposable diapers.

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