Foodie’s Guide to Best Eats in Ipoh

“The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats” is a compilation of the best food reviews over the past four years from SeeFoon Chan-Koppen’s column “Musings On Food” in Ipoh Echo. To be published by Media Masters, the book project was launched by Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Roshidi Hashim recently.

Ipoh City Council is sponsoring the publication of the guide. Roshidi said that the book will be the ultimate Ipoh food guide for visitors to the city. He hoped more Ipohites would emulate the author, who had personally undertaken to promote Ipoh by putting the city on the world food map.
Dato’ Daniel Tay who was instrumental in introducing the idea of Ipoh City Council’s sponsorship of the Foodie’s Guide said in his introductory speech that he had been a fan of SeeFoon’s column ever since she started writing it in the Ipoh Echo. Describing her as the ‘quintessential palate’ from her years in the hotel industry and owing to her early journalistic training as a food critic with the Straits Times Group in Singapore, he finds ‘her way with words, irresistible, her ability to describe a simple dish and make your mouth water’ is a sure draw for local residents and tourists alike. He feels that her guide will benefit tourism to Ipoh greatly.
See Foon Chan-Koppen is a seasoned traveller having spanned the globe during her 30-year stint in the hotel industry. Even as she wined and dined in all corners of the world, she would still crave for the food in Ipoh, a place which she calls home for the past 17 years.

“The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats” is SeeFoon’s expression of her passion for food and a personal selection of the gastronomic delights found in every nook and corner of Ipoh. With recommendations of some 50 restaurants and 35 types of hawker food, this international foodie has unravelled the secrets of delectable cuisines found in Ipoh, be they halal food, pork-free, Chinese, Indian or Western.
This 170-page book is expected to hit the streets in May. Priced at RM29 it will be available at the Ipoh Echo office and its online portal, bookshops, news stands and at Tourism Malaysia offices in Ipoh’s sister cities of Fukuoka, Guangzhou and Medan.

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