Christmas Decorations with Heart at PHI

Pantai Hospital Ipoh’s Christmas decor this time round is unique in the sense that all the material used was recycled. Especially in these ‘expensive’ and ‘hard’ times, cost cutting measures can be taken without sacrificing aesthetics.

The hospital team headed by Mr Ganesan Satimuti, Biomedical Engineer, said that many people discard ‘stuff’ without any thought to reuse. He said, “many companies and organizations have downplayed decorations during their austerity drives. However, the festive season can be just as beautiful and ‘lavish’ when one dedicates time and effort to the task”.


The tableau located at the front entrance to the hospital lobby was all produced from the creativity, commitment and dedication of the staff. Onlookers and children were enraptured by the display especially when they realised that all the material used were recycled items.

Pantai Hospital Chief Operating Officer Ms Kelen Leong said that Christmas is all about the spirit of giving and sharing. “Joy and beauty need not be lavish and when made with love and commitment from the heart, the effect is multiplied a hundredfold.”

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