Strategies for Parenting Children with Special Needs

The news that you and your partner are soon going to be parents creates a lot of excitement. You both look forward to the moment joyfully, and make a lot of choices to ensure everything goes well and you have a healthy happy baby.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, when your little bundle of joy arrives, complete with ten fingers, ten toes, a beautiful angelic face and a happy smile.

The initial joy and happiness soon gives way to worry and apprehension as you slowly discover that all is not well with your little one. As your child grows, doctors use medical jargon to describe your child’s condition, but the word that sticks out the most is “special needs”!

Joy soon turns to pain, dread, anguish, guilt and an array of other negative emotions as you question where you went wrong and why this is all happening. Understanding that it is not your fault is perhaps the first and most important thing that needs to be addressed, so that you can move on to live a happy and fulfilling life in spite of having to deal and cope with a child with special needs.

Now help is at hand in Ipoh with an upcoming workshop entitled Strategies for Parenting Children with Special Needs. Designed to help parents come to terms with their situation through a journey of healing and renewed self-worth, this workshop will provide a much needed respite and help these parents realise that they too need help. Parents will be introduced to a range of options for alleviating stress, dealing with guilt and functioning more effectively in their lives while coping with their special needs child.

Some of the topics covered in the workshop would include:

  • The emotional impact of having to cope with a special needs child
  • Various methods of healing
  • Two parents sharing their personal experiences
  • A laughter therapy session

The workshop is designed to help you learn how to live with a special needs child without sacrificing your own personal needs. Parents will learn how to use EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to release blockages within the energy system of a person, both for themselves as well as for their special needs child.

EFT is a wonderful tool that can be used on yourself and your family to change life for the better. Dr Shan, a local paediatrician who works tirelessly with special needs children and their parents is a passionate advocate of this technique and it is being brought to Ipoh by Jaz Goven an EFT teacher and long-standing practitioner who is flying in specially for the occasion.

Date:                Sunday 22 December;  Time: 10am to 4pm
Cost:                RM60 (including morning, afternoon teas and lunch)
Venue:             18A Jalan Pasar, Bandar Tambun
Enquiries:        Jaz Goven 0112 369 2781 or Anne Huxtable 012 552 9233
Presenters:      Dr Shan Narayanan (Paediatrician)
                          Jaz Goven (EFT practitioner and trainer)
                          Anne Huxtable (sound healer, parent of child with special needs)
                          Priya (parent of child with special needs)
                          Jeya Jeyaratnam (laughter therapist)
                          Jesbeer Kaur (translator into Malay)
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