Fisheries Department Entertains Media

The Perak Fisheries Department treated over 100 media representatives to dinner on Wednesday, February 19. The event was held at a leading hotel in Ipoh.

Guest of honour and Director of the Perak Fisheries Department, Hj Sani bin Mohd Isa, in his opening remarks, welcomed the guests and reaffirmed his commitment to establishing a cordial working relationship with the media.

“I am thankful to the media for the assistance they have rendered in promoting the state fisheries department’s efforts in enhancing the state’s economy.”

The fishing industry, according to Sani, has thrived in spite of the difficulties fishermen faced, as the industry is so prone to weather conditions. “The state’s annual haul for 2013 is most encouraging. A total of almost 308,000 metric tons of fish were landed from the deep sea. The net worth is in excess of RM1.8 million.”

Offshore fishing has contributed a sizeable amount to the overall figure. “Last year alone the haul was about 243,000 metric tons. That represents almost 79 per cent of the annual catch.”

Sani handed a mock cheque for RM1,500 to the representative of the Perak Media Club. It was the department’s contribution to the club’s upcoming mountaineering trip to Mount Kosciuszko in Australia. He then presented mementoes and letters of appreciation to all the bureau chiefs present.


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