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Creating Cohesiveness Among Youths

Members of IpohBug held a Korean Shalom Master Chorale at the Riverfront Hotel and Suites, Ipoh recently. The reason for organising the concert was to raise funds for the maintenance of their club and also for upcoming sport events.

The chorale, according to IpohBug’s President William Chang, was performed by the Seoul Women Singers group whose trip to Malaysia was sponsored by a Korean family. “The club is very lucky to be able to raise funds through this concert sponsored by the Baek family. We’ll be able to provide better facilities for our members with the funds obtained,” he said.

A variety of songs were sung, both in English and Korean, such as ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Once upon a Dream’ and ‘Arirang’, a famous Korean folk song. Accompanying performances included a violin and a piano solo.

IpohBug, a non-profit organisation established in 2008, helps youths develop self-discipline, humility and self-respect through sports and activities that will promote cohesiveness among them. It has the support of many voluntary bodies and well-wishers, including the state government who has donated generously to its cause.


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