‘Big Bad Wolf’ Book Sale (24-29 Jul 2014)


Does the thought of large piles of books spread for miles make you want to pull over and add them to your growing collection? Then this super huge book sale is for you. The ‘Big Bad Wolf’ book sale is howling its hoard to the Kinta Valley. The sale will run July 24-29 from 10am to 10pm at the Perfect Home Living (PHL) Convention Centre in Menglembu, Ipoh. That’s 12 hours of pure, unadulterated browsing adventure over a whopping 6-day period!

Choose from almost 400,000 books and non-books that range from fiction, non-fiction, children’s, and young adult titles. For those loyal fans that arrive bright and bushy tailed at the sale, special early bird promotions for selected items and titles are going for greatly reduced prices with crazy discounts starting at 85%.

This sale marks the first time the Wolf graces Ipoh as fans across the state flooded the Big Bad Wolf Facebook page asking – nay, demanding – that our friendly neighborhood wolf come a howling to this infamous tin mine state.

Not only did BookXcess succumb to the demands of their fans, they’ve also thrown in many new thrills and spills to the already fantastic sale. For the first time at the Big Bad Wolf Sale in Ipoh, fans will be able to add imported non-products including posters, collectibles, tin-plated signage items, box sets, and activity kits to their ever growing collection. The sale also offers unique handcrafted book themed furniture in an array of assorted designs.

The sale will also be headlining some outstanding titles for the first time in Ipoh such as Nicholas Sparks Holiday Pack, Jodi Picoult’s Change Of Heart, Why Mars and Venus Collide, Dork Diaries, as well as the biography of legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. This corresponds with the promise that the books showcased at this year’s sale are not leftover titles from Big Bad Wolf sales of Kuala Lumpur!

As the official partner for Big Bad Wolf Books Sale, Hong Leong Bank credit cardholders shall enjoy an additional 5% discounts at the sale. The Big Bad Wolf is also hollering out to all students with the BB1M vouchers to bring and use their book vouchers at the sale.

About BookXcess

BookXcess, a remainder bookstore located in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya as well as Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur, has built its reputation as a one-stop centre in offering a wide selection of books – from best-selling novels, children’s, cooking, architecture, literature, history, evergreen classics, to décor – at hugely discounted prices. BookXcess prides in living up to its tagline, ‘Read more for less’, with a single-minded mission: to encourage the joy of reading by making books available to everyone at affordable prices. BookXcess is also well known for organising the annual BIG BAD WOLF sale, reputedly the world’s biggest warehouse sale. For more information about BookXcess, please visit

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