A Potential Hazard for Motorists

The recently tarred stretch of road on the Ipoh-Lumut Highway is a potential hazard for road users. It begins roughly two kilometres from the Puncak-Jelapang Maju T-junction and ends just before the Jelapang end of the highway.

The resurfaced road has very obscure markings making it difficult for motorists to see them. The road was previously divided into three lanes, one on one side and two on the opposite. However, with no clear markings it creates confusion for road users.

It is a guessing game for motorists from both directions making overtaking extremely dangerous. Drivers have to swerve to avoid oncoming vehicles if they find themselves in the wrong lane. And there is no way of telling who is on the right side of the road and who is not.

The resurfaced road is not exactly an engineering marvel. Many parts of the stretch are uneven. One can easily lose control of one’s car when it hits an uneven patch travelling at around 70kph, which is the speed limit of the area. Coupled with poor street lighting, night driving is definitely a no-no, especially for those with poor eyesight.

The Ipoh-Lumut Highway is an important link connecting Ipoh to Pusing, Ayer Tawar and Sitiawan. It also connects Jelapang to Meru Raya and the all-important Amanjaya Terminal.

Must the authorities wait for a major tragedy to happen before rectifying it?


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