Merdeka Babies

It started out as a joke when K. Nehru Dass, 32, told his pregnant wife that they would have their first born on Independence Day, August 31. As fate would have it that dream became a reality.

T. Velliammal, 29, gave birth to their first born on that auspicious day in the delivery room of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh. Dass joked about his wife giving birth after receiving news regarding the delivery dates from her doctor.

“The doctor predicted that I’d give birth on August 20. But when the date arrived and nothing happened, my husband jokingly told me to wait till Merdeka Day. He wanted a Merdeka baby,” she said.

Dass’s wife was admitted to the General Hospital on Friday, August 29. She was in pain so the nurses gave her painkillers to withstand the discomforts. At around 11pm on the eve of Independence Day, she was wheeled into the delivery room after going into labour.

Velliammai gave birth to a 2.8kg baby girl 17 minutes into Independence Day. So the couple’s wish for a Merdeka baby was fulfilled.

“We’ll organise a thanksgiving ceremony with our family members to celebrate this joyous occasion,” she told Ipoh Echo.

The hospital had a total of 15 babies delivered on Independence Day. Out of which nine are girls. The babies were delivered naturally and by Caesarean. Both mothers and babies are fine.


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