Kellie’s Castle Photography Festival 2014

Some 500 photographers from all over Malaysia took part in the Kellie’s Castle Photography Festival 2014. The 2-day event was held at the castle’s grounds recently.

Executive Councillor for Tourism and Culture Perak, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi, told reporters that the programme was aimed at exposing budding talents, especially among the younger generation.

“With today’s booming tourism industry, photography plays a vital role. Without skilled photographers, pictures taken and published would not be able to attract tourists, as well as effectively promoting our local touristic sites. I believe that by picking Kellie’s Castle as the location, photographers would learn to master the skills needed for photography as well as to reintroduce Kellie’s Castle as a tourism hot spot,” she said.

Jointly organised by PORT Ipoh (Place of Remarkable Talent), Perak Tourism Management, Kellie’s Castle Malaysia and Lensa Perak, the programme included a photography workshop, a field session on the first day and a photography session with 30 models on the second.

Also present at the programme was Executive Councillor of Public Infrastructure, Energy and Water, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin.

Kellie’s Castle’s management team member, Zamari Muhyi added that the number of people coming to Kellie’s Castle was on the increase, especially those who come to take pictures of the landscape and scenery.

“Since June last year over a hundred thousand locals and foreigners have visited the site. We hope to hit our target of 150,000 by year end,” he told Ipoh Echo.


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