Illegal Shortcut

Located at a secluded part of Meru, residents of Gerbang Meru Indah are one contented lot. They are contented with the peaceful surroundings of their housing estate making do with a convenient road that links them to the city. The good point about the road was that it had minimum traffic flow.

However, this was short-lived when a project connecting the Ipoh-Lumut highway to Jalan Jelapang was proposed in 2007. The proposed road passes through the residential areas and Gerbang Meru Indah was one of them.

Ipoh Echo received a complaint recently from a resident of Gerbang Meru Indah, stating that the new barricade set up at the road connecting Ipoh-Lumut Highway to Jalan Jelapang was taken down once again. The 2.1-metre high barricade was set up by the authorities to prevent lorries and trucks from passing through the residential areas and causing a ruckus.

According to Gerbang Meru Indah Residents’ Association Chairman, Dato’ Ahmad Salludin Dali, the association had written numerous letters to different government authorities including the Menteri Besar’s office, Ipoh City Council and the Public Works Department to seek their assistance and to build a more formidable barricade, as a deterrent.

“Even though the authorities have helped us set up the barricade numerous times, it’ll always be taken down within the next week or some hours later like this recent one that occurred on October 8,” he said.

He told Ipoh Echo that huge trucks that passed through the road on a daily basis had caused a lot of inconvenience to the residents living here.

“Due to heavy traffic, the residents are inconvenienced. Not only do these heavy vehicles damage the roads, the vibrations caused cracks to our houses. It’s also dangerous, especially on rainy days when the roads are slippery,” he added.

Ahmad hoped the authorities would find ways to resolve the problem before some nasty accidents happen.


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