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JJ’s Malaysia Book of Records

Wong Jun Jie brought glory to Perak by being the first team to win the silver medal in the ILS World Lifesaving Championships at Montpelier France in September last year and being entered into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBRS).

Guest of Honour and MBRS official for Perak, Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, handed over the mock certificate to Jun Jie at a packed hall at Sam Tet Secondary School.

Jun Jie or JJ, as he is fondly called by his friends and family, began training as a Perak State Swimmer at the age of 13 and began gaining medals year after year. His greatest achievement in swimming was getting Bronze (50m Freestyle Event) in MSSM 2012 Sabah & MSSM 2013 Shah Alam. Besides, in local competition as in Perak Close 2012 & MSSPK 2013, he obtained 14 Golds in both competitions.

This was what he shared at his acceptance speech at Sam Tet School recently.

“For success you need teamwork, endurance and confidence. Swimming trains us both physically and mentally. I learnt from every mistake in every competition so that I can do better for the next competition. I learnt to compete with myself, always heeding my Mum’s admonition: ‘Just do your best, beat your own time’.”

“The whole experience of being in France and getting to meet people from 46 Nations around the world was exciting but winning the silver medal was astonishing. During the prize giving ceremony, I felt very emotional as the president of the International Life Saving awarded me the silver medal. I was proud to win my first medal for my country.” he added.

He thanked his coaches for their guidance and hard training, his swimming teammates for their support and his winning partner Mr Geh Cheow Chien from Penang, adding that he felt blessed to have him as a partner in the competition and how Geh’s dedication and tough spirit was an inspiration to him.

He also thanked LSSM President Mr Lim Chien Cheng, Secretary Mr Geh Thuan Tek, Vice President and Team manager Mr Lim Chee Gay and members of his family.

The last thank you was especially moving when he thanked his parents and conveyed his respect, love, gratefulness and affection towards both of them, Caroline and Warren Wong.

“Nothing I say can perfectly articulate my gratitude to my mom. I must put special emphasis on my mom Caroline for her involvement in my swimming career. She has been a committee in the Perak swimming society since day one when I started swimming.”

“Whenever you see me in the competition, you will see my mom. She’s either an announcer or organizing the event or my greatest fan taking photos, videos and cheering for me. That’s where all my precious photos came from. Thank you mom for all you have done. You have influenced my life in such a positive way, words cannot express my appreciation. Be it rain or shine, Thank you forever for standing by me.”

There were not too many dry eyes in the auditorium after that speech.


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