Sports cum Family Day

Kinderland held its annual Sports Carnival cum Family Day recently at the centre’s compound located at Jalan Woodward. The primary objective of the carnival was to bond parents and their children in order to enhance the appreciation of sports among children.

The morning began with an opening speech in three different languages. Some 130 children from 2 to 6 years of old participated in a series of sporting events such as island hopping, kangaroo hop, bridge crossing and ball dribbling. There was also a pom-pom dance by the kids.

Joy and pride were written all over the parents’ faces as they saw their young ones overcoming challenges which tested their gross and fine motor skills. Parents and siblings were not left out as they took part in games such as balloon bursting, piggy-back race and can transfer. Green House emerged as the winning house. Dr Susan King, one of the parents, gave out prizes to the winners.


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