In The Name of My Father’s Estate (Episode 40)

Rockwills – Wills and Trusts

By Peter Lee

When John Lee (Lee Sr’s eldest son and Co-Administrator) was about to leave Connie’s (Lee Sr’s second wife and Co-Administrator) house after their meeting, Connie started to show signs of fainting as her face turned bluish. John quickly helped her into his car with the first thought of getting her to the nearest clinic or hospital. Then he remembered that there is a hospital nearby which is 20 minutes from the house. Acting on impulse, he sped off as fast as he could, overtaking some of the cars in front of him without realising that he was driving recklessly.

As he approached a traffic light which was about to turn red, he accelerated further trying to beat the red light. In a split second, a lorry across the road rammed into John’s car dragging it a few feet away and the car then spun off hitting a concrete lamp post. Most of the cars slowed down while some passers-by ran towards the badly damage car. What they saw was John and Connie unconscious and badly hurt. No one could open the doors as they were badly crushed. Shortly after, the tow trucks appeared at the scene followed by the arrival of the ambulance and Fire Brigade personnel. When both John and Connie were extricated from the car wreckage, they were immediately rushed to the hospital. When both of them arrived at the hospital, they were still alive but remained unconscious. Both sides of the family members arrived at the hospital after being notified by hospital personnel who got John’s office contact number from his business card.

As the doctors exited from the emergency ward, family members were informed that John’s condition was stable but he may be paralysed for life while Connie was still in coma. Upon hearing this, all the family members were shocked and also confused as to why both of them were in the same car. In the meantime, Mrs Patricia Lee (Lee Sr’s first wife) pulled aside her daughter, Michelle (Co-Administrator) and said “I think we better call Dave (lawyer) about this and ask what is going to happen to father’s estate if two of the Administrators’ conditions do not improve.”

Michelle immediately phoned Dave and told him about the accident. Dave was also shocked by the news and told Michelle that at the last resort, if both were unable to carry out the duties of Administrators, then their names will have to be withdrawn from the application for Letter Of Administration (L.A.). “The application for L.A. has already been submitted to the High Court and there is a need to make a fresh application to name you as the sole Administrator and to remove both of them due to the medical conditions they are in. However, this will be subject to both families consenting for you to act as the sole Administrator,” he said. In response, Michelle said, “I am not too worried about the consent from my side of the family. But it is Connie’s who I am concerned about. What if Connie objects then what happens?” To this, Dave said, “Then we have to convince everyone to appoint an independent third party who is impartial, for example a Corporate Trustee to do the job.

To be continued…

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