Pusat Makanan Sun Hor Lok and Sweet and Tasty Food Court

SeeFoon is taking a culinary break from Ipoh and is exploring new taste temptations in Phuket and Bangkok. Our review on Ipoh Food this Musings is focused on two hawker centres both old and new.

Pusat Makanan Sun Hor Lok

12 Persiaran Greenhill (New Town), 30450 Ipoh.  Operating hours: 7am-6pm

First the old…Sun Hor Lok has been around probably since Persiaran Greenhill changed to a commercial area. The 10-odd stalls have quite an array of tasty food.

They are:

  • Asam Laksa @ RM3 and their self-made Yeong Liu at 70-80 sen each are recommended. They also sell Chicken Soup Koay Teow.
  • Wonton Mee with slightly thinner noodles cooked al dente is flavourful and their wonton is tasty too – RM3.50.
  • Rojak comes with a sweet sauce with cut chili padi – RM3
  • Spaghetti with fried chicken served with chili padi is quite an unusual dish and surprisingly good – RM4.50. Even better is their crispy Fried Chicken Skin (not for the health conscious). Sold at RM3, RM4 and RM5.
  • Pork Mee with liver, intestines, the works – recommended with glass noodles (tong fun) – RM6

Other stalls are: Economy Rice, Brown Rice Ramen, Simon Dim Sum, Fried Noodles and Western food.


Sweet and Tasty Food Court

Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, Ipoh.  Operating hours: 8am-10pm

Down the street and just around the corner from Sun Hor Lok, the Sweet and Tasty Food Court opened where the old Catholic Centre was, next to the Main Convent. It has its own carpark which makes it all the more convenient for people to have a meal while waiting to pick up their kids from school or after visiting the ‘RM2’ shop next door.

Here’s what’s available:

  • Chicken Hor Fun RM5 and Curry Noodles
  • Special Prawn Mee at RM4.80
  • Coffee (iced) – good at RM1.60
  • Singapore Nasi Lemak with chicken at RM6.50 (regular at RM3.50) has a Peranakan (or slight rempah) flavour and is not exceedingly spicy
  • Chicken Rice at RM3.70 and RM4.50 with char siew from Meng Kee Roasted Chicken Rice
  • Pan Mee at RM5 – 3 varieties of regular, beetroot and spinach
  • Chee Cheong Fun at RM3.30 (S) and RM4.50 (L)
  • Pasir Puteh Low She Fun – RM1.50 for the noodles and 80 sen for the lieu
  • Rojak sells for RM5 (S)
  • Thai Food – seafood tomyam at RM8
  • Ice Kacang – RM4.30 with coconut milk and a scoop of ice cream

 There is also, Lim Kee Fried Noodles, Yeun Kee Western Food, Soon Geng Seafood, Vietnam Food, Hepo Lei Cha & Klang Bak Kut Teh, Rojak Greentown and Eddie’s burritos & tacos. There’s enough variety here to tickle everyone’s fancy.

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