Ipohmali Returns Home


It all started with his love for music, but Ipoh homeboy Point Blanc is now making the rounds all over the world, alongside model turned Disk Jockey (DJ), Leng Yein. The duo is set to be the current strongest pair hotting up local and international clubs with their upbeat music and charming personalities.

“We met during one New Year celebration and we clicked really well. The chemistry is for real and was so strong that we paired up and now we are on our world tour,” said Leng Yein to Ipoh Echo. Starting out as a model, Leng Yein is now ranked first as Asia’s top Female DJ, and is currently working on several projects including acting in international movies.

“While touring around the world, we also had other side projects. Our schedule is packed, so we sleep when we get the chance. Usually it’s in the car!” Point Blanc added to the conversation.

The pair were in Ipoh to shoot a commercial advertisement for Savana residency in Tasek recently and just came back from a trip to Korea where they were elected as new faces from Korean streetwear fashion line, Feltics and Hvpe.

When asked about their opinion on the houses in Savana, Point Blanc wished it was his. He loved the design, the interior and agreed that it fits the lifestyle of young couples.

Point Blanc joined the music industry with Poetic Ammo where they have won several Anugerah Industri Malaysia (AIM) awards including Best English Album. Later in 2001, Point Blanc founded a rap-rock band called Pop Shuvit where they were nominated for Best New Artist. In 2007 Point released an English single, ‘Ipohmali’ (From Ipoh) and has become one of the most played local songs since release in April 2007. Currently, aside from teaming up with Leng Yein, Point Blanc also runs his own record label, clothing line and is one of the regular emcees in Zouk, KL.

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