Roger’s Fondness for Ipoh

“I love Malaysia and I have very fond memories of Ipoh and Penang. People here are friendly and the foods are fantastic,” says Roger Ogle, son of former principal of Anderson School Ipoh, the late Martin Ogle.

Martin Ogle was the principal of Anderson Ipoh from 1957 to 1965 and was the last British expatriate to hold that position. Within the span of eight years, the school underwent some very positive changes.

Martin was in Malaya for eight years after independence. He taught at the Penang Free School for two years beginning in 1938. When the war broke out he managed to escape the advancing Imperial Japanese Army and was sent to Nigeria to join the military. After the war he returned to Malaya to restart the education system. From 1945 to 1965 Martin was attached to various schools before joining Anderson School in the year 1957.

Martin envisaged that every youth who walked through the gates of Anderson should be provided with a wholesome education. He encouraged extra-curricular activities in line with youth development.

Roger admired his dad for his kind and understanding nature. He was without doubt a good leader of men.

“I was very young then. My dad established a very strong reputation when he was the school head. He struggled to get the best education in Anderson. He encouraged his students to think further and also broadly,” he told Ipoh Echo when met.

Martin played a definitive role in academic excellence during his time at Anderson. Student enrolment during his time was 2500 compared to about a thousand presently.  Besides academic excellence, Martin  formed a strong rugby team in Anderson with the help of Ung Khek Cheow, his mathematics teacher. The team went on to win many rugby accolades for the school.

Martin did not insist on his own vision, but helped create a common vision and then became totally immersed in its success. He was able to bring everyone together for a common goal through an enduring motto still in force today. He was the most remarkable and gifted principal of Anderson Ipoh.

Every father makes an impression on his children. Roger Ogle, 64, was born in Malacca and lived in Ipoh from 1958 to 1964. With his father’s guidance, Roger established a successful journalistic career for himself. He currently owns Swindon’s largest free news publication, the Swindon Link.  It is a well-received community newspaper that provides important community news, reviews, interviews and the goings-on in the town. Just like Ipoh Echo.


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