Price Increase for Gua Tempurung


My name is Isvari Narenthiraraj from Gopeng. This is in regard to the Gua Tempurung entrance fee increase after GST implementation. When I asked them why the increase was so much, the reason given by them is due to GST. Below is the breakdown of charges before and after GST for Tour 3 – Top of the world & short river adventure. I always bring my local and overseas friends.

Before GST:  RM11 per pax for local and foreigner

After GST:  RM15 per pax for local + 6% = RM15.90 per pax

RM40 per pax for foreigner + 6% = RM42.40 per pax

The increased price including GST for local – 44.5% and foreigner – 285.45%. I, as the end user, feel very frustrated with the tremendous price increase without any prior notice. In a way, I am helping to promote tourism in Perak to my friends both local and foreign but with the price increase it demotivates me to promote Perak.

Isvari Narenthiraraj


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