Coaching for Underperforming UPSR Students

Some 15 underperforming UPSR students from four homes are undergoing a 25-week Guidance Programme in YMCA.

The programme is organised by Love and Welfare Society and Susila Manuel its Secretary said that the students are from National and Tamil schools and would be attending classes on Saturdays for four hours. They would be given tuition in Bahasa Malaysia, Maths, Science and English. Five qualified teachers would be conducting the classes and the students would be given monthly tests and report cards. The goal of the programme is to make the students obtain satisfactory results in the forthcoming UPSR exam.

The students are from Good Shepherd Home, Vision Home, Praise Home and One Malaysia Home. Susila said that all materials would be provided free and this is one of their programmes under their ‘To Serve the Deserve” project. Susila thanked the anonymous sponsor and added that they are trying to get sponsors to conduct other programmes for the needy.


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