Mothers’ multitasking talent

Research has proven that mothers multitask better than fathers to make sure that everything in the house goes smoothly. At breakfast, dishes are clean and laundry is folded and organised. Other studies have shown that mothers spend 48.3 hours multitasking weekly in comparison to fathers who spend about 38.9 hours.

It is a wonder for us, how do mothers do it? Do they have special multitasking talents?

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

According to some of the mothers we have met, scheduling daily tasks helped them to stay focused, making sure that every ‘mission’ is achieved and a success. While some opt for jotting down on a timetable, others prefer to memorize it. Either way, these mothers agree that they need to schedule  things they have to do on the day before or a few minutes before sleeping at night.


Aside for timetable, mothers also need to be organized. Prioritizing which of the tasks to be finished first is as crucial as scheduling it. For example, full time housewife mothers will start the day doing laundry and perhaps a little bit of gardening, right after everyone have left the house. This will give the clothes ample time to dry and in between, they can do other things such as going to the market, post office and buying groceries.


While working-fathers performed some house chores, researchers believe they held less responsibilities compared to working-mothers. A research done by Offer S (2008), have proven that mothers are more likely to engage with housework or child care compared to fathers. Mothers hold bigger house-task responsibilities compared to fathers. Despite reports showing some mothers having negative feelings and are stressed while doing the chores, they still do it because for some mothers, the ability to fulfil the role of a good mother is easily judged and criticized.

Maybe mothers don’t have the talent. But the weight of becoming the perfect mom is important to them. So, the next time you ask something from your mom think of the things they have to do every day.  Be considerate and help in any way that you can.

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