Tenby’s Shining Example

A recent letter posted on Facebook by a mother of one student in Tenby Year 6 caught my eye recently. It is a shining example for all teachers to emulate. Living in a world where we are obsessed with material success and a school system where academic excellence is prized over and above the values and qualities that make us human, this letter exemplifies how caring teachers can make a difference in young and impressionable lives. Dated June 9, this letter should go viral!

Dear Year 6,

Soon you will receive the results of your Checkpoint tests. Before you see your results, there is something very important for you to know.

The tests do not assess all of what makes each of you exceptional and unique.

The people that mark these tests don’t know that some of you love to act, or sing, or make origami. They have no idea if you are good at drawing or can teach others how to use a computer program. They have not seen the way that some of you can dance with grace or speak confidently in assembly. They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them when they are sad, or you held a class job, have been prefect, monitor or student councillor. They do not know that you participate in CCAs, help out at home or how you play with your little brother, sister or cousins. They do not know that you are caring, thoughtful and how hard you try every day. Because these things cannot be tested.

The Checkpoint scores will tell you how you did on those three days, but they will not tell you everything. They can’t tell you that you have improved on something that you once found difficult. They can’t tell you how hard you’ve worked all year to get better. They won’t know if you had a bad day because you were nervous, and they can’t tell you how to make the next steps in your learning.

So remember it’s just a test, and it won’t reveal all of the wonderful things that make you an individual.

All our best wishes, now and in the future,
Mr Lowery & Mrs Kumar


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