Meaningful Ramadan Celebration at KPJ Ipoh

KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital celebrated the month of Ramadan with preparation and distribution of bubur lambuk, Raya shopping for children from Rumah Kanak-kanak Sultan Abdul Aziz, Kuala Kangsar and Hari Raya goodies distribution to all in-patients of KPJ Ipoh.

The most exciting part of this Ramadan 2015 celebration was “Raya Shopping and Iftar” with children of Rumah Kanak-kanak Sultan Abdul Aziz, Kuala Kangsar which was held on Saturday, July 11. Forty children were involved in this Raya shopping each paired with 40 volunteers from KPJ Ipoh. This is the first time ever for KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital to have organised such a Raya Shopping event.

Meanwhile, Iftar with the children and volunteers was held at Masjid Muhammadiah also known as Masjid Cina at Tasek, Ipoh.

“The blessed Ramadan is the month for us to spread some joy to the less fortunate amongst us. Therefore, we are glad to have organised these events which we hope can make memorable memories and ultimately benefit the children involved,” says Asmadi Mohd Bakri, Chief Executive Officer of KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

Bubur lambuk preparation and distribution to all staff, Consultants and public is part of the hospital’s tradition where four huge pots of bubur lambuk packed into more than 1000 packs were distributed. This event was held every Thursday, for three weeks throughout the month of Ramadan. The prime objective of this programme was to strengthen the relationship amongst the Consultants, Management and staff of KPJ Ipoh besides the noble charity of distributing bubur lambuk to the public.

The distribution of Hari Raya goodies was held in the final week, to celebrate the in-patients especially the Muslims who were unable to be at home during this festive season.

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