Gen Y Should Do More for Malaysia

I am looking forward to the future and feeling grateful for who all of us are today.

The Generation Y that we belong to are educated, have a decent or a white collar job and some a very successful.

I would say “Thank you” to all our forefathers who were united to achieve the Independence that all of us are enjoying today. Besides they also worked hard, day and night to ensure that our parents were well educated simply because they want better lives for their children and also believed that only education can change the future of our generation.

True enough, the change that we are all enjoying today is from the hard work invested by our fore grandparents.

My Salute and hats off to them..!

But in today’s generation, what are we up to..? Are we ambitious like them to create a change in this generation and in the next generations as well?

Are we working towards achieving all these?

Have we ever given a thought on how and what we want to project to the next generation?

I have to admit that I am personally not putting much effort and sometimes I get carried away with all the political issues that are surrounding us now.

When we come to think about it, I am very certain this will take us nowhere if we were to continue to give more attention to these issues and get carried away with all of the slanders shared on the social media. Not only will this make the issue creators more popular for the amount of attention that all of us are giving them, but indirectly has divided us all.

I wish the vibrantly young and educated Gen Y could be the exemplar to the younger ones for a better Malaysia, putting aside all the political issues.

Happy National Day!

Dr Venkates Rao Enkatesulu
President – YouthCorp Malaysia

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