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By Nantini Krishnan, Ili Aqilah & Tan Mei Kuan

Many older people find that living at home becomes more difficult for a variety of reasons such as illness, disability, reduced mobility, isolation or the problems of maintaining a large property. As we age, some things may become harder to do on our own. If our ability to live independently starts to decline and we need help with daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning and personal care, this is where ‘aged care’ comes into play. Ipoh Echo took a look into what the available options are for ‘aged care’ in Ipoh.

Range of Aged Care Options for Different Needs and Pockets

In Ipoh, the aged care system offers a range of care options to meet the different care needs of each individual. The aged care needed by older people is delivered by government welfare homes, private nursing homes and care centres (for-profit) and voluntary aged care centres (non-profit, charitable) organisations.



Located in Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh, GreenAcres call themselves Malaysia’s Premier Retirement Village. Unlike a nursing home, the first-of-its-kind retirement village in Peninsular Malaysia, whose inspiration comes from retirement villages found overseas, provides a place for residents to age gracefully in a vibrant community interwoven with freedom of choice and peace of mind.

“We now have a generation of seniors, the baby boomers, who are looking for something beyond the ordinary which allows them to maintain the lifestyle that they have been enjoying all this while,” John Chong, its Executive Director told Ipoh Echo.

Expected to be operational at the end of 2016, it is currently under construction with a completion percentage of 25%.

Mobile and independent residents of 55 and above would be able to enjoy stimulating activities, engage in social interaction and receive priority of entry to the on-site aged care facility, all in a gated and guarded community. Common areas are maintained by management as residents enjoy the facilities in the clubhouse, one of which is shuttle services.

As for the 170 elder-friendly units, it is furnished with grab bars, emergency call system, minimal curbs and wide doorways for wheelchair entry.

The on-site aged care facility caters to those who are less mobile and independent. There, the units are downsized for convenience with more nurses on standby and the resident’s basic needs would be taken care of. Plus, there would still be activities tailored to keep them active.

GreenAcres also beckons to those who come under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme.

GreenAcres: 05 253 6555 or visit their sales office at Total Investment Sdn Bhd, 3 Jalan Lasam Greentown, 30450 Ipoh.

Meru EcoVillage

Meru Eco-Village

Another development where seniors can pursue an active lifestyle in the security and idyllic ambiance of one of Malaysia’s premier golf resorts is Meru Valley EcoVillage. Sitting on a 9.5 acre land in Meru Valley Golf Resort, Jelapang, adjacent to the clubhouse, this project was launched in November 2013 and is on target for completion in June 2016. A gated and guarded community, it features a mix of single story villas, townhouses and apartments.

Designed with the elderly in mind, the 1-storey villas are easier to access and resemble the old-time houses in the old ‘kampong’ days.

EcoVillage comes with a medical centre with a recovery room, home nursing services, physiotherapy centre, wellness centre with spa and hair dressing and gym too. The medical services especially home nursing is available with Nurse at Home.

Contact: 019 513 3315/012 500 8018/05 292 1333. Email:


Rumah Seri Kenangan Ulu Kinta

Caters to multi-ethnic elderly of 60 years and above. Entry to Rumah Seri Kenangan Ulu Kinta is obtained via consultation with the district social welfare officer for consideration. With a capacity of 250 people, it offers protection, counselling, healthcare, physiotherapy, religious guidance and recreational activities.

Perak Social Welfare Department may be contacted at 05 254 5505 while the home which is located in Tanjong Rambutan can be reached at 05 533 1875.

Our Sweet Home

With more than 20 years of experience in running elderly care centres around Ipoh, Madam Nancy Chang Hong Chee has opened yet another centre with emphasis on the comfort and wellbeing of occupants called Our Sweet Home (OSH).

According to Nancy, OSH welcomes all ethnicities, however they can only accept females and they must be mobile, “We can accept up to 32 occupants at one time. Currently, 90% of OSH residents are mobile,” added Nancy.

The elderly in OSH will start their day after breakfast with specific activities designed for them but due to the large area of the house, residents can choose any kind of physical activities. Applying concepts from hotels, future residents can choose different types of rooms; single, double or four bedded.

Despite having four other staff to take care of the residents, Nancy chooses to do the cooking herself to ensure the quality of the food is good.

Our Sweet Home is located at 1 Jalan Merbah, Taman Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh. For more information contact Nancy at 019 558 1506.

Yayasan Teratai Aged Care Centre

Yayasan Teratai Aged Care Centre

Established 13 years ago, the non-profit self-financing retirement home currently houses 29 residents from all walks of life, from the oldest 95-year-old to the youngest 71-year-old. A home away from home, the centre which serves home-cooked food, accepts semi-mobile residents of 50 years and above. The elderly would be well taken care of by a team of retired nurses. Residents can anticipate a galore of annual dinners and celebrations especially during the festive seasons!

For more info, contact the centre situated at Jalan Foo Choong Nyit at 05 253 2844.

Kinta Medical Centre (KMC)

Kinta Medical Centre (KMC) – Kinta Care Centre (KCC)

Kinta Medical CentreLocated near town with direct access to the adjoining hospital, KMC offers two different type of homes to cater to the needs of its patients and residents. Nursing home, which is the hospital ward, is located on the ground floor of the centre, built for seniors who are in need of medical attention. Upon arrival, a medical team will perform a health check-up to determine which home is suitable for the patient. KCC, on the other hand is located on the first floor of KMC, where it offers a few different room options for residents.

Residents of KCC will start their morning as early at 7am with bathing themselves, followed by breakfast at 8.30am. A regular check up by the medical officers is scheduled at 9am daily to ensure all patients are in good health. Family members and friends are allowed to visit the seniors at any time of the day between 9am until 9pm. The centre provides an activity room where visitors can have their privacy on visits.

In June this year, KMC introduced its day care centre for seniors where they will be cared for from 8am till 6pm while their children are working. At the moment, there is only one type of room available for the day care centre, a non air-conditioned shared room charged at RM80 per day. For more information of the Kinta Care Centre, please call 05 242 5333 or visit the centre at 20, Jalan Chung Thye Phin, 30250 Ipoh.


Charges (more than 14 days)

Charges (Less than 14 days)

No Air-condition

Shared room






Air Conditioned

1. 2 bedded

2. 3 bedded





Premium Room


Rumah Seri Bahagia

Rumah Seri Bahagia

“Rumah Seri Bahagia” or “Lucky Village Home” is an old folks home providing shelter, care and comfort to the needy Malaysian elderly persons irrespective of their race, religion, and creed. All services and facilities provided in the home are free of charge. The criteria for admission includes being over 60 years of age, no next of kin, no contagious disease and physically able to look after oneself. Applicants for admission are normally referred to the home by the general public and the Welfare Department.

Rumah Seri Bahagia

Potential applicants are first investigated by the Home Administrator and some members of the Home Management Sub-Committee to verify that the applicant meets the criteria for admission followed by a medical examination. The residents are provided with five meals a day, medical care, housekeeping services, security and activities for their enjoyment. Festive occasions are celebrated in the home so that the residents are provided with the ‘homely’ feeling reminiscent of being with their families. Schools, associations and individuals make regular visits to the home to entertain the residents.

The residents are also taken out to join in activities organised by welfare departments and other organisations to mix with other senior citizens from other homes.

For more info, contact the home located at 8km, Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 31350 Ipoh at 05 312 0997.

Rumah Seri Bahagia


Whether considering options for yourself or deciding how best to help someone close to you, aged care is a complex area and requires careful thought. This article will help potential residents and their families when they are looking for an aged care facility. It will help you to compare different options.

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