Brigade’s 60th Anniversary

Established on October 1, 1955, Headquarters 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade located along Jalan Hospital Ipoh celebrated its 60th anniversary with a parade on Tuesday, October 6 at its parade grounds.

The day also saw the first-ever commander’s parade for the brigade’s 29th chief, Brigadier-General Mas’od bin Hj Muhammad who assumed command in September. The 56-year-old officer was previously the Chief Principal Staff Officer (Armed Forces) of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM).

In his speech, Mas’od dedicated a minute’s silence in reverence for the fallen soldiers and prayed for the maimed to find patience and strength.

“Next year, I plan to focus on individual and collective training,” he stressed, as he promised to uphold the brigade’s slogan, “Sentiasa Terbaik” (Always the Best).

The static parade led by Lieutenant-Colonel Haji Mohamad Samsuddin bin Haji Jantan consisted of 16 officers and 216 soldiers of various ranks divided into five contingents bearing M4 rifles. Drummers and flautists who provided the music were sourced from drum platoons 23rd Royal Malay Regiment, 2nd Royal Ranger Regiment and 9th Royal Ranger Regiment.

The soldiers on parade sang the army martial song, “Gagah Setia” to the accompaniment of music by the drummers and flautists.

Mas’od may look intimidating but he is really warm as a person, as he personally greeted and thanked all who were present during the banquet held after the parade.

Mei Kuan

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