Japan Occupational Therapy Day

Japan International Cooperation Agency together with Persatuan Pemulihan Sultan Azlan Shah celebrated Japan Occupational Therapy Day in conjunction with Japan Overseas Co-operation Volunteers 50th Anniversary Celebration of their volunteer presence in Malaysia recently.

The day, themed ‘World Occupational Therapy Day’ started at 9am with two Japanese related activities called ‘Somemono’ – which is the art of batik printing and making of the Japanese classic food, ‘Onigirazu’. Five Japanese volunteers Ms Kayo Kawakami, Ms Junko Nishinaka, Ms Fumino Shiratori, Ms Yuika Oku and Mr Tsubasa Imai were invited. These five volunteers are serving as volunteers under the JICA Programme at various Special Education Schools throughout Malaysia. The event was initiated by Mr Ippei Kawasaki an Occupational Therapist attached to Persatuan Pemulihan Sultan Azlan Shah under the JICA Programme and the Occupational Therapy unit staff. Guests for the occasion were Dr Ng Kee Hong, Ms Devika (Occupational Therapist) both from Hospital Tuanku Bainun and Mr Jeyarajah, a member of the Board of Trustees and Ms Regina (CEO).

Mr Jeyarajah gave out the prizes to the winners of the batik painting competition and gifts to each child and adults with disabilities who participated in the event. Gifts and goodie bags were sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency. The next activity was the preparation of the food called ‘Onigirazu’. It was rolling together of rice and cut vegetables into a seaweed piece and cut into slices for consumption. The adults with disabilities had a great time preparing this.

The Japan Day ended with a party of food and fun, focusing on Japan and its culture.

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