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Vritecar Vasan’ s Arangetram

‘Arangetram’ is the name given within the South Indian dance tradition Bharatanatyam to a dancer’s debut performance. For Dato’ Dr Vasan Sinnadurai, there would be no expense spared to present his ‘baby’ daughter to friends and family as she gave her first public performance at the Town Hall, cheered on by her mother Dr Amalorpam Mary Joseph and applauded by an audience of more than 450 and very ably emceed by her older sister, Vindeya Vasan. The orchestra was flown in from various locations and a vegetarian buffet spread was waiting for guests at the end of the performance.

Performing solo throughout the gruelling four hours, Vritecar kept up the pace and wowed the audience with her versatility and skills. Despite her tender age (15) her performance showed a maturity beyond her years, thanks to her teacher Guru Puvaneswary who devoted a lot of her personal time in teaching and training Vritecar.

Vritecar, a self professed ‘playful’ person and a senior at Tenby, finds time in between her studies to practise her art which she has been honing from the tender age of five. Says her proud father Dato’ Dr Vasan, “I am proud of both my girls. My older daughter had her arangetram a few years back and now my ‘baby’ is ready. They will continue to further their skills and eventually I plan to establish an Academy of Fine Arts under the leadership of the two girls.”

“Indian Classical dance, in particular Bharatanatyam is a tradition that needs preserving and by setting up the Academy, we hope to assist in its flourishing and encourage more young people to dedicate themselves to learning this art form. Learning classical dance is certainly a more worthwhile activity than being glued to digital devices.”


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